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Past R4T Build Reports

Since the first Rockin4Tabitha build in 2007, the R4T team has raised ~ $238,000, built a total of 130 houses, providing safe, dry homes for more than 660 Khmer people.

Year # houses # people Location Donations
2006-2007 4 28 Phnom Penh $6440
2007-2008 10 54 Kep/Kampot $11600
2008-2009 20 138 Battambang $27700
2009-2010 16 83 Koh Kong $21960
2010-2011 25 99 Pursat $37500


1 school


6 rooms

Koh Kong $77030


1 school

75 Preah Vihear $17000


58 Preah Vihear


2014-2015 12 65 Preah Vihear $37000

Check out the LINKS section to read blogs from past R4T builds!

To read about past R4T builds, download the yearly trip reports here:

2006-2007 R4T Report

2006-2007 Team members:   Mike Neu, Jeff Ritskes, Mary Ritskes, Mike Marshall, Bob Carver, Wendy Cunning and Nathan Weiss

2007-2008 R4T Report

2007-2008 Team members:  Nathan Weiss, Paula Piilonen, Natalia Rybczynski, John Kim, Meghan Butler, Lucia Dolcetti, Mark Conrad, Hairiia Conrad Miriam Conrad, Robert Conrad, Dave Anderson, Serene Ong, Wendy Cunning and Bob Carver

2008-2009 R4T Report

2008-2009 Team members:  Jeff Ritskes, Mary Ritskes, Paula Piilonen, Nathan Weiss, Derek Boyd, Terry Brennan, Brenda Brennan, Lauren Brennan, Rebecca Brennan, Terry Brennan Sr., C.W. Young, Wendy Cunning and Bob Carver

2009-2010 R4T Report

2009-2010 Team members: Prinz Pinakett, Lori Meyer, Erin Crerar, Cam Toews, Paula Piilonen, Lori Ashton, Elena Pinakett, Derek Boyd, Allan Aston, Wendy Cunning and Bob Carver

2010-2011 R4T Report

2010-2011 Team Members:  Karen Wolverton, Chloe Wolverton, Allan Ashton, Luanne Doner, Peter Finnegan, Tash Kalbfleish, Nicole Flaxman, Teresa Flaxman, Rosie Schinners, Carrie Harambasic, Marc Laflamme, Anitra Moscow, Dan Spence, Colin Eades, Paula Piilonen, Bob Carver and Wendy Cunning.

2011-2012 R4T Report


2011-2012 Build team:  Scott, Tuk, Jiwon, Karen, Corey, Vatai
standing; Joon, Sam, Allyssa, Allan, Sarah, Jody, Glen, Chloe, Rosie,
Bob, Wendy, Paula, Lori,Marilyn, Ralph, Colin.

2012-2013 Build Report

2012-2013 Build Team:  Jacqueline Dunbar, Alexandra Dunbar, Steve Dunbar, Wendy Cunning, Bob Carver, Aon Inthira Panchaipoom, Allan Ashton.

2013-2014 Build Report

2013-2014 Build Team (L to R):  Rory Henry, Dermot Henry, Thora Broughton, Susan Henry, Paula Piilonen

2014-2015 Build Report

2014-2015 Build Team (L-R):  Delayne Weeks, Bob Carver, Wendy Cunning, Glenn Poirier, Elizabeth Kelly, Paula Piilonen, Trudy Buelow, Mary Ann Gielen-Smith and Rob McCullagh.