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Rockin4Tabitha 9 a huge success!

Hi Friends of Tabitha:

Rockin4Tabitha9 is in the books, and we had a blast.

Nine years, 118 houses, hundreds of wells, and $$$ towards the building of 3 schools. We are making a difference, and it is thanks to the support of our friends that this can happen.

One anonymous donation of $5500 was bumped up nicely by Tony Sottile of Modern Niagara Group. Tony has supported us now for 4 years. His cheque for $15000 will go a long way.  Add the 5 houses ($5500) that we builders are throwing in, as well as a few more thousand that is outstanding, and we are now at close to $30,000!

As you remember our goal this year is a village ‘from start to finish’; 25 houses, 100 field wells, family partnerships, and a 5 room school with a total price tag of just under $90,000. Will will be sending our $$ over to Janne in early November, so it is not too late to support if you weren’t
able to attend on Friday.

We have so much, and our Cambodian recipients, (who are exactly the same as us) have so little. We are making a real and significant difference in their lives.

For those of you who were there, heartfelt thanks.

If you still wish to donate you can mail a cheque to the Tabitha Foundation of Canada (mark r4t on the memo line), go to Canada Helps and follow prompts (again target r4t within Tabitha); instant tax receipt, but they take 4%.

Or buy us a beer and hand us a cheque in person.

Thanks to: Johnny Vegas Band, who put on  a GREAT show, Tony Sottile and MNG, our anonymous friends from NYC, Mel and Jess for helping work the door, and to our hosts Dylan Black and Sarah Freemark. 

Thanks also to our supporters, everyone who helps with graphics and printing, and silent auction donors - Stoneface Dolly's, Canadian Museum of Nature, Perfect PC, Karen Lechner, Gilmore Printing, GraphiCalci, N-1 Thai Boxing Academy, Compact Music, Metro Music, Carver's Comprehensive Combatives, Students on Ice, Yangtzee Restaurant, Tabitha Foundation Canada, Lightbox Technologies and Why Not Studios.

And once again to all of you who took the time to attend, see you next year!!

Max, we missed you and are thinking of you!
Bob and Wendy and Dr. P




Dates set for the 2015 Rockin4Tabitha 9 House Build in Preah Vihear Province!!

June 4th, 2014

We have set the dates for our (9th) 2015 build - January 29th to February 5th, 2015!!!

As you already may know we have set a huge goal for this next


Sponsoring a village ‘from start to finish’.
25 houses
100 field wells
1- 6 room school
and family partnerships
Grand total: $90k.
Alumni builders are more than welcome to get their feet back on Cambodian soil. The area we are ‘adopting’ is really interesting, and only  a couple of hours away from Angkor Wat. This will be our 3rd build in a row in this province, and we were the first team to build in this new area.
Tony and Barb Sotille of Modern Niagara Group have partnered with us again, and it was Tony’squestion “how much would it cost to take on a whole village from start to finish?” that spurred this drive.
Dr. Paula has forged a relationship with the owners of a Canadian mining company active in Cambodia.  Angkor Gold has already shown a commitment to helping the Cambodian people by beginning their own development initiative several years ago. It looks like several representatives from Angkor Gold will join in on the build.
So please spread the word to your network. We are taking applications for a few more builders, and really need to hustle to accomplish our financial goal, so if you have corporate connections pitch them for us!!  Remember to tell them that 90 cents on the dollar gets to the field, and that their donations are indeed tax deductible.

A "Canadian Village" in Preah Vihear province - you can help make it happen!



March 9th, 2014

Hi Friends of Rockin4Tabitha

Big news!!  Our friend Tony Sotille of Modern Niagara Group headquartered in Ottawa, has expressed interest in ‘taking on a village’.

Tony will be working his construction contacts, and we would like you to work your contact list and help us make this happen.

Both the 2013 and 2014 rockin4tabitha builds have been close to Preah Vihear town, a couple of hours east of Siem Reap. Janne has asked that we make this a ‘Canadian Area’. We like this idea a lot. A bit remote, but we have really enjoyed our time up there.

Here is the totals breakdown, with details for the school tacked onto the end.

Pulkam School                              $52,133.00
20 Houses                                    $21,100.00
40 Field Wells                                $10,000.00

200 Family Partnerships                 $  2,500.00

Total                                            $85,733.00


Pretty incredible can we can change hundreds of lives for this amount of money. As many of you know we chose to be associated with Tabitha (partly) due to the fact that 90 cents of every dollar reaches the field. Unheard of efficiency and, a testament to the volunteer network that supports Janne and her incredible work.

What do you think?

Rockin4Tabitha 8 - 10 houses built in Koh Loong village, Rak Smey, Ro Vieng, Preah Vihear province

On February 2nd and 3rd, 2014, the 5-(wo)manRockin4Tabitha 8 build team completed 10 houses in the village of Koh Loong, Preah Vihear province.  Preah Vihear is a far northern province of Cambodia, on the border with Thailand, a 6-7 hour drive from Phnom Penh and one of the last refuges for the Khmer Rouge.  The team had a fantastic build, completing 6 houses on the first day, followed by 4 the next.  The villagers, as always, were smiling and helpful and even assisted Pon in making us a hot lunch on the first day - banana flower and chicken soup and chicken curry - a much welcome respite from baguettes and random fillings!  On the 2nd day, we had a chance to tour the almost-complete Koh Loong 6-room school, funded as well by the Tabitha Foundation - your donation dollars hard at work!

Video of students at Koh Loong primary school click here

Thanks to everyone who donated to Rockin4Tabitha this year, and in the past.  A big thank you to our corporate sponsor, Modern Niagara Group, for their continued support of our efforts.  We look forward to building in Preah Vihear province again next year!

Also check out our photo archive and photo gallery for more pictures from this year and past builds!

Rockin4Tabitha Comedy Night had everyone in stitches for a good cause!  (November 9th, 2013)

On Thursday, November 7th, 2013, a comedy night in support of the 2013/2014 Rockin4Tabitha house build was held at Absolute Comedy.  It was great to get together with friends and supporters of Rockin4Tabitha and enjoy and evening full of amazing comedy.  Thanks to everyone who came out - we raised $1500 towards our 8th build - this time near Tbeang Manchey in Preah Vihear province, Cambodia.  Special thanks to Dylan Black from 106.9 The Bear for his continued support and promotion of our cause!

Rockin4Tabitha 6 a HUGE success!  $50,000 raised in one night!

Rockin4Tabitha 6 was held at the Lonestar Bar and Grill (Ottawa) on Thursday, September 22nd, 2011. Our musical-themed fund-raiser has now been held at this same location for five of our six years. It is a great Ottawa music venue, and some of our regulars are now showing up in cowboy boots and having fun Texas Style!

This year, local blues/rock station DAWG FM came on board as our media sponsor, providing us with a very well produced 30 second commercial that they ran for close to a month. Special thanks to Dylan Black of DAWG for his help in making this happen.

Bobby's Blues Band (the first blues afficionado to send Bob an email with the 'solution' to this reference will win a 2012 Rockin4Tabitha build t-shirt) Texas Flood opened the night with a Stevie Ray Vaughan tribute set, performing such SRV classics as ‘Cold Shot’, ‘The Sky is Cryin'’, ‘Look at Little Sister’, plus some lesser known but great tunes by Bob's favourite blues guitar slinger.   Two ZZ Top classics were covered with help from Rod McLeod, who played some wicked slide and fattened up the sound with his Les Paul.

In a surprise 'special guest' spot, Bob was joined by keyboardist Andrew Muir, and The Tonettes, a six member gospel group. Bob's request for crossed fingers and good wishes before starting Mark Cohn's ‘Walking In Memphis’ must have paid off, because that piano-driven, gospel-backed song was one of the night's highlights. If anyone would like to see some of the musical evidence, check out our YouTube station (

Texas Flood bass player and singer Brad Campbell and fellow members of the classic rock band Chameleon performed two sets of classic rock and roll that had our crowd up and dancing the night away.

This year, we held a silent auction with items donated by  Dave Bristow, a Canadian long distance driving competitor (custom built driver), Lush Handmade Cosmetics (Lush Legends Gift Box), Bob MacDonald of RBC (2 Ottawa Senators Tickets), Metro Music (Godin detour electric guitar), Team Royal Lepage (two Avril Lavigne concert box seats, and two Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert box seats), K2J Fitness (running course gift certificate and two technical running shirts), and Compact Music (Big Box O' Vinyl)

Thank you to everyone who provided these great items for auction. We raised $695 to add to our evening’s total.

Last year Bob was surprised by Max Keeping's presentation of a United Way “Community Builder Award”. Those who know Bob well could see that once he figured out what was going on, he was looking for a good place to hide. This year's surprise caught Bob equally unaware. Tony Sottile, CEO of Ottawa-based Modern Niagara Group, asked Bob for a couple of minutes of his time, asking for a bit more information about the Tabitha Foundation’s programs. Tony then handed Bob a cheque, saying he would like to support our work. Bob's eyes were not up to the task of seeing the $$$, said “thanks a lot, how much is it for?” (to be able to write the tax deductible receipt, of course) Tony replied; '$11,000'.....Bob's response of 'Holy Crap, are you serious'?? (Those who know Bob well also know that he is not 'politically correct') was immediately followed by more appropriate thanks.

Rockin4Tabitha would like to welcome our newest corporate partner Modern Niagara Group to the team!

Returning corporate sponsor Lush Handmade Cosmetics has already committed$25,000 to the 2012 build in Kong Kong province, and will once again sponsor several employees through a North America-wide employee contest to join the build team. Karen Wolverton and her daughter Chloe will be joining us for the second time.

It is truly heart-warming to be associated with two corporations who give back, donating hard-earned revenue to help us build more houses, put in more wells, and maybe even enable us to tackle a portion of a 'bricks and mortar' school this year.

Projections, including fundraising by our hardy build team members, Lush Handmade Cosmetics, Modern Niagara Group, and the $4500 we raised through the door and silent auction items, will take us OVER FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS ($50,000) this year!  A new record!

Wendy Cunning,  co-founder of R4T was heard to say; "Just think, in 2006 we raised seven thousand dollars and built four houses with seven builders. We have grown every year, but this is just amazing!"

We couldn't do it without you

The R4T Team

Rockin4Tabitha has a YouTube station - check us out here!!!  Videos of songs by Bob Carver and the Tonettes and Texas Flood all new!


Dawg FM 101.9 promotional sound bite for Rockin4Tabitha 6 hits the air!! 

Listen to it HERE!!

Rockin4Tabitha welcomes Dawg FM 101.9 as a corporate sponsor! (July 25th, 2011)

Listen to Dawg FM 101.9 starting in late August for information on this year's Rockin4Tabitha concert, to be held Thursday, September 22nd, 2011 at the Lonestar Bar and Grill (St. Laurent, Ottawa)

Rockin4Tabitha founder, Bob Carver, honored at the annual United Way "Community Builder" awards ceremony at Ottawa City Hall (March 22nd, 2011)

In a ceremony at City Hall, Bob was honored to be called up with other Ottawa Community Builder award winners to be recognized by Mayor Jim Watson.  Bob's name in permanently inscribed on a plaque on the Wall of Inspiration at City Hall for all to see.  Congrats Bob, we're proud of you!!

Bob Carver and Mayor Jim Watson, March 22nd, 2011
Plaque of 2010 Community Builder award winners, March 22nd, 2011

Rockin4Tabitha House Build 2011 a huge success!!

The 2011 Rockin4Tabitha house build team has completed its 5th build in Pursat, Cambodia.  25 houses, housing 99 people, were built in 2 days - a record!!

2010-2011 Team Members:  Karen Wolverton, Chloe Wolverton, Allan Ashton, Luanne Doner, Peter Finnegan, Tash Kalbfleish, Nicole Flaxman, Teresa Flaxman, Rosie Schinners, Carrie Harambasic, Marc Laflamme, Anitra Moscow, Dan Spence, Colin Eades, Paula Piilonen, Bob Carver and Wendy Cunning.

Breaking News!  R4T Receives Lush Charity Pot Funding!

Rockin4Tabitha would like to thank Lush for providing $10,000 from the Charity Pot program to support the 2011 house building efforts!  In addition, Lush will be partnering with the R4T by sending 5 employees to Cambodia for the build itself.


A huge thank you goes out to Lush and we look forward to meeting our new team mates!

The R4T team now consists of 16 members and will build a record 25 houses in January/February 2011 in Pursat province, Cambodia.

Click HERE to download the press release.


Rockin4Tabitha 2010 a huge success!!

Thank you to everyone who came out to Rockin4Tabitha 5!  It was a fantastic evening filled with great music and friends, all in support of the 2011 R4T house building team.  With your support, we are very close to our goal of building 25 houses in Pursat in February 2011. 

A special congrats goes out to Bob Carver, who was surprised by Ottawa's own Max Keeping with a prestigious United Way "Community Builder" award for his dedication and committment to house building in Cambodia.  Congrats Bob!!

Bob Carver and Max Keeping

 Our Goal:  25 houses in 2011 (Pursat, Cambodia)

Help make our 5th anniversary the best Rockin4Tabitha yet!

2010 Rockin4Tabitha Build Team

(February 2010, Koh Kong Province, Cambodia)

Left to Right:  Prinz Pinakatt, Lori Meyer, Erin Crerar, Cam Toews, Paula Piilonen, Lory Ashton, Elena Pinakatt, Wendy Cunning, Derek Boyd, Allan Ashton, Bob Carver.

Thanks to our partners and the build team, R4T 2010 was able to build 16 houses and put in 24 wells!!